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Title: Her and You
The Changing Language of Tracey Emin’s New Paintings
Author: Barry Schwabsky
Date: September 2019
Issue: Volume 38, Number 3: Painting (#151)
Section: Articles   Tags: tracy emin
Subject: Her and You: The Changing language of Tracy Emin’s New Paintings
Title: Lee Ufan
Author: Barry Schwabsky
Date: March 2019
Issue: Volume 38 Number 1 : Language + Art (#149)
Page: 100-101
Section: Crossovers, Crossovers   Tags: lee ufanpainting
Subject: Lee Ufan
Title: Jonas Wood
Author: Barry Schwabsky
Date: March 2018
Issue: Volume 37, Number 1 (#145)
Page: 98-99
Section: Crossovers, Crossovers   Tags: jonas woodpainting
Subject: Jonas Wood
Title: Michael Snow
Author: Barry Schwabsky
Date: June 2014
Issue: Volume 33, Number 2: Remaking the Real (#130)
Page: 88-89
Section: Crossovers, Crossovers   Tags: michael snowphotography
Subject: Michael Snow
Date: August 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 3: Paint (#111)
Page: 112-117
Section: Articles
Subject: Sue Williams