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Interview with Rebecca Belmore


Gofundme Campaign for 274 Jarvis Ave – Artist Relief


  • Promise, Nathan Englander

    Larry exhibits obsessive-compulsive behaviour. When he was a young man, its manifestations were more prevalent, the urges to follow the inclinations directed by this disorder more compelling. Now he is a mature adult, the expressions of the disorder have receded, are in check. My obsession—of a milder, readerly sort—is with the author of the book, which houses the character Larry. It’s Nathan Englander and it’s this book and the others by the same author. Keep Reading

  • The City of Mything Persons

    Tales from the Winnipeg Film Group, directed by Kevin Nikkel and Dave Barber

    The fiction connected to a myth is what makes it true. The myth attached to the Winnipeg Film Group (WFG) is that it is a magical place inside a freezing and isolated city that produces eccentric filmmakers and unique films. Keep Reading

  • The Touching Art

    An Interview with Trevor Gould

    Keep Reading

  • A Streetcar Named Conspire

    The Winnipeg General Strike, the events that provoked it and the developments that followed from it have become the source of what Winnipeg artist and filmmaker Noam Gonick calls “my enduring fascination.” The emblem of his ongoing engagement, a 32-foot-long public sculpture of a streetcar, commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council, will be unveiled on June 21. Keep Reading

  • A Woman of Many Parts

    Caroline Monnet is sitting under a tree in Central Park in New York. It is the day before the artist’s opening of the 79th Whitney Biennial. The Montreal-based artist of Algonquin and French descent will show one video, Mobilize, in the main exhibition, and two more in the film complement of the exhibition that opens in September. Keep Reading

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May 2019

Next year Manitoba will celebrate 150 years as a Canadian province. In our 38th year, Border Crossings, the Winnipeg-based international arts magazine, has just reached that milestone. We have now published Number 150, and the issue embodies the range our readers have come to expect from the magazine.