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Volume 40, Number 1

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Volume 39, Number 3

November 2020 Issue - The Matter of Black Lives


  • Belle Lettrists: Nicola Tyson, Maria Lassnig, Amy Sillman

    I have two very particular books of letters on my desk. Particular in that neither is the collected correspondence of one writer in touch with a number of recipients over time, nor gathered together to reflect the breadth of the recipients, nor the myriad points of connections the writer made in a lifetime, nor focused on an event of significance—a crisis lived through and reported on, personal or universal. More particular than that. Keep Reading

  • Ideas of North

    On March 27, 2021, Qaumajuq, the new Inuit art centre, opened to the public. The word means “it is bright, it is lit,” and the naming is perfect. The 40,000-square-foot building was designed by Los Angeles architect Michael Maltzan, who is described by Dr Stephen Borys, the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s director and CEO, as “an architect who thinks like an artist.” Keep Reading

  • Status Upbeats

    For five of those years, he entered into a collaboration with Cliff Eyland, an artist, close friend and one-time academic colleague. Eyland responded with 1,600 visual interpretations of Toles’s status updates, and Winnipeg’s At Bay Press has published a tidy 100-page book offering a mere tease of their delightful collaboration. Keep Reading

  • Pictura Oasis

    The most recent exploration of the practice of painting as viewed from Montreal is “Pictura: Painting … in Montréal’s image.” The exhibition was conceived and organized by Montreal artist Trevor Kiernander. His commitment to the idea of painting in Montreal is directly connected to the medium’s history in the city. Keep Reading

  • Sweetened with Beauty

    An interview with Kai Althoff

    The interview that follows was prompted by the exhibition at Whitechapel, “Kai Althoff goes with Bernard Leach,” in tandem with our own long-standing interest in the artist’s work. Keep Reading