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David McMillan Book Launch and Live Conversation with Robert Enright

David McMillan Book Launch and Live Conversation with Robert Enright


  • Carolee Schneemann

    A recent survey of work by American artist Carolee Schneemann depicts both the pleasures and costs of an early decision to foreground the body, always politicized, over five decades of production and as many genres. Perhaps best known for key performances such as Meat Joy, 1964, an orgasmic celebration of materiality in which she and others roll about in paint, fish and chicken parts, newspapers and more, Schneemann also made paintings, installations, film and video, and photographs, and it’s this largesse of production that the survey brings neatly into focus. Keep Reading

  • Obsessionals:

    Winnipeg’s International Intermedia Performance Art Festival

    Imagine a live rock video and you begin to get an idea of what to expect. Winnipeg’s first Intermedia Performance Festival, mounted from September 14-21, 1986, brought together artists from Winnipeg, Canada, the United States and England and gave us a larger view of this expanding art form. Keep Reading

  • Carolee Schneemann

    The amount of video around these days is reaching the point of saturation. A friend, a video artist and educator in the UK, tells me that it’s become the fallback position in the art schools-if you can’t think of anything else to do, you make a video. Lately I’ve had a growing desire to see something I’d call “extreme video,” which means I’d have to strap on the gear and scale a 30-metre wall to see the monitor, or bungee jump into the abyss to find a screen waiting where my nose comes to a stop, before I snap back into the air. Then in November I attended a lecture by Carolee Schneemann, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, as part of the “Global Village: the 60s” exhibition currently on view, where she talked about her body of work and screened her most recent video project. The new work pushed me over the edge in to a free fall, no gear, no parachute and no hope for a soft landing. Keep Reading

  • Third World Art

    A Symposium on Performance Art

    The following forum involved participants in the International Intermedia Performance Festival which took place in Winnipeg from September 14 to September 21, 1986. The conversation was taped in the Board Room of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. In addition to the four performance artists, Gilles Hiebert and Grant Guy, co-ordinators of the Festival and Jon Tupper, Exhibitions Manager at the WAG, were observers and occasional contributors. Robert Enright, the editor of Border Crossings, was the moderator. Keep Reading

  • Carolee Schneemann and Stan Brakhage

    Presentation House Gallery (PHG) in North Vancouver is a physically unprepossessing space: three modestly made over rooms on the third floor of what was once somebody’s home. Still, those old rooms have hosted an astonishing array of historical and contemporary exhibitions of photo-based art. Recently, PHG undertook the brilliant pairing of shows by pioneering performance and multi-media artist Carolee Schneemann, who divides her time between Montreal and the New York countryside, and experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, who died in Victoria in 2003. Keep Reading

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