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  • Clarice Lispector: The Thereness of Language

    Everyone who reads Clarice Lispector grapples with the figure who can’t be interrogated now, since she died in 1977, and couldn’t be queried any more readily when she was alive. To read her is to enter a state of involuntariness.

    Keep Reading

  • Andy, We Hardly Knew You

    “Warhol” by Blake Gopnik

    In his lifetime Andy Warhol took an inventive approach to the facts of his biography. At different times he claimed to have been born in 1929, 1930 and 1933; he even lied about his age to his doctor; and he changed his place of birth from Philadelphia to Newport, Rhode Island, and to Cleveland. Keep Reading

  • Reverence Points

    The Art and Mind of Gedi Sibony

    A piece of used carpeting measuring 100 by 74 inches, with white paint or primer on the surface, doesn’t add up to much unless you read the marks and find there a representation of the Annunciation in one of its many iterations. Think of 14th- and 15th-century paintings by Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci. Two figures in profile, the angel, often on the left, carrying the divine message, and on the right, the humbled, astonished recipient, seated or kneeling. Keep Reading

  • “First We Take the Museum”

    Long-time design collaborators Rodney LaTourelle and Louise Witthöft have made a practice of working with colour and light. From the colour strategy they employed for the interior corridors at PlugIn ICA in Winnipeg, to the public sculpture commission, “HOFA,” in Berlin, Germany, the team uses colour to provoke new forms of interaction within public space. Keep Reading

  • AR Penck

    I hadn’t guessed that AR Penck was quite such a hero in his hometown. It hadn’t even occurred to me when I was booked into Dresden’s Penck Hotel that the coincidence of names was anything more than that, a coincidence— but no, I found the lobby filled with marvellous canvases by the artist, named Ralf Winkler by his parents, a 1939 son of the city who died in 2017. Keep Reading

Current Issue

March 2020

Border Crossings presents our new spring issue. Here, we look at artists who are examining the environmental in myriad ways including those who uniquely frame institutional space.