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20/20 Perfect Vision — Biennial Gala


20/20 Perfect Vision Day 1 Preview

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Sarah Anne Johnson Varied Edition Print


  • Dreaming Robert Frank, Dreaming Walter Benjamin

    Awake too much, the dream and its fragmented, fogged and transitory qualities, I find a seductive state. The lapse and slip and the nuance, already elusive by its very suggestion, is an amplitude to which I am drawn. Keep Reading

  • Image Hunter

    The Night Photographs of Éliane Excoffier

    I use the kind of infrared cameras that hunters put in the forest as a way of detecting movement of game. The photos these cameras took always represented a strange universe to me, and when my boyfriend and I bought a house and moved to the Eastern Townships six years ago, I had the opportunity to use a night camera myself. Keep Reading

  • Keep Giving Signs

    Robert Frank’s Letters to Chester Pelkey

    In 1981 Robert Frank travelled with his wife June Leaf to Saskatoon, where he showed films and talked about his work at an artist-run space called the Photographer’s Gallery. The night before his talk, at a casual dinner in his honour, he met a writer named Chester Pelkey and they immediately found common ground. Keep Reading

  • Swimming Upstream

    Robert Frank, 1924–2019

    Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 9:30 a.m. My wife, Cynthia, calls me to tell me that Robert Frank had died the day before. I’m grateful I learned the news from her. Nearly 30 years earlier, just married, young and finding our way, we moved together across the US—Tucson, Arizona, to Washington, DC—so I could take the job of my dreams, organizing the archive of the world’s greatest photographer-artist. Keep Reading

  • Luminous Being

    An Interview with Benoit Aquin

    In October of this year the Montreal-based, award-winning photographer Benoit Aquin published a book in Paris called La dimension éthérique du réseau par Anton Bequii (The Network’s Etheric Dimension by Anton Bequii). Keep Reading

Current Issue

December 2019

Border Crossings has just published a Special Issue on Photography featuring a lengthy section in tribute to Robert Frank. It would not be possible to suitably reflect Robert Frank’s significant role in contemporary photography: he caused us to look and look again—closely.