Volume 35, Number 3: Painting

August 2016

In what has become an annual event Border Crossings has just published a big issue on PAINTING where the medium is the message: varied, rich and bold, historic and absolutely contemporary.

Jonathan Lasker’s work is a master class of desire and control where the eye is the tactile, seeking organ and his astute knowledge is the agent. Neil Jenney is the consummate, beguiling story-teller. Bad Painting has never looked this good. Joanne Tod’s persuasive skill as a painter has us doubling back to confirm what we’re seeing as she moves from canvas, to architecture, to porcelain, but all of it painting.

With Natalka Husar’s new work, in part a tribute to her mother’s fine skills as a seamstress, we see recto/verso — the same and different and diptych panels become seamless wholes with the aid of a zipper.

Two promising young artists are introduced in this issue: Ambera Wellmann – look at her paintings and you’ll find yourself “sunk.” She’s on this year’s RBC Painting short list as is Brian Hunter who does his best to box us up and keep things open.

David Elliott’s interview is a compelling story of a life of commitment to work at the highest level. Michael Merrill’s painterly dedication to working a subject through is engaging in its consistency and Joan Jonas has been guiding viewers through her relevant spaces for decades. The Met opened its new museum at the Breuer on Madison Avenue with an ambitious exhibition titled “Unfinished.” Painter and writer John Kissick has cleverly selected three significant painters to stand in for the whole.

No one paints the state of events in contemporary America better than Eric Fischl. We take a look at his recent and astute assessment on canvas from his exhibition Rift/Raft at Skarstedt in New York. Arlene Shechet’s engagement and collaborations with the Arnhold Collection of Meissen porcelains at The Frick Collection incorporate her own porcelain sculptures in a small, seismic, heartbreakingly beautiful intervention.

And of course, there is a broad-ranging section of current reviews…

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Table of Contents

  • Simmering History The Recent Paintings of Natalka Husar Peggy Gale
  • Beauty and the Deferring and Balancing Beast The Paintings of Ambera Wellmann Meeka Walsh
  • Subversive Radiance The Art of Michael Merrill James D. Campbell
  • Resonant Gestures The Art of Joan Jonas Tracy Valcourt
  • Crossovers

  • Sarah Anne Johnson Anna Kovler
  • Karel Funk Craig Love
  • Howard Podeswa Dan Adler
  • Edmund Alleyn Benjamin Klein
  • Eugénie Cliche James D. Campbell
  • Peter Aspell Robin Laurence
  • Mary Heilmann Paul Carey-Kent
  • Karen Asher Courtney R Thompson
  • “Patrick Staff: The Foundation” Christine Walde
  • Nep Sidhu Robin Laurence