Volume 33, Number 4: Correspondences

December 2014

Correspondences. Suzy Lake, Georg Friedrich Haas, Carolee Schneemann, James Tenney, Mark Kingwell, László Moholy-Nagy, Oliver Botar, Eduardo Aquino, Ken Gregory, Guy Maddin, Erika Lincoln, Bernie Miller, Freya Olafson, Lancelot Coar & Patrick Harrop, Louise Witthöft & Rodney LaTourelle, Graham Gillmore, Margaux Williamson and many more…

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Table of Contents

  • Bordernotes

  • Dangerous Persuasions Carolee Schneeman’s Body of Letters Meeka Walsh
  • Borderviews

  • Embodied Confusions
  • Making Senses
  • Soft Transformations
  • The Matter of Art
  • Borderviews

  • Somewhere Between Berlin and Bogota The Forbidden Room, 2014, directed by Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson Robert Enright
  • Interviews

  • The Many Faces of Suzy Lake Robert Enright
  • Notes on Fuseology Carolee Schneeman Remembers James Tenney Robert Enright
  • The Living Beings of Sound An interview with Georg Friedrich Haas Robert Enright
  • Sensoriationalism First Moholy-Nagy Takes Winnipeg, Then He Takes Berlin Robert Enright
  • Articles

  • Excavations A Feminist Resistance Artist Dialogues with Graham Gillmore’s “Lov Sic” Karen Moe
  • Indices of a Wandering Mind The Art of Margaux Williamson Daniel Baird
  • Essay

  • Art’s Unmediated Middles From Ekphrasis to Ekstasis - and Back Again Mark Kingwell
  • Crossovers

  • Christos Dikeakos Gary Pearson
  • Gordon Lebredt Wojciech Olejnik
  • William Kentridge Matthew Carver
  • Tracy Peters David S Churchill
  • Keith Langergraber Kasia Sosnowski
  • Jack Butler Gary Michael Dault
  • Pedro Reyes Earl Miller
  • “Art as Therapy” Sky Goodden
  • “Who’s Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green?” Mireille Eagan
  • Robert Hengeveld Dagmara Genda
  • Jeff Koons Andrew Kear
  • “Convoluted Beauty: In the Company of Emily Carr” Marcus Miller
  • “Unsettled Landscapes” Caia Hagel
  • Lygia Clark Mariianne Mays Wiebe