Volume 26, Number 2

May 2007

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Table of Contents


  • Measurement and the Missing Subject Meeka Walsh

  • Back to Nature’s Future: Noam Gonick and Luis Jacob
  • Hives of Productivity: Aganetha Dyck
  • Utopian Dreamer: Wayne Baerwaldt’s Montréal Biennale
  • Grotesqueries: Aurel Schmidt

  • The Domesticated Zombie Andrew Currie’s “Fido” Robert Enright

  • The Lord of Missed Rules: An Interview with Michael Snow Robert Enright
  • Boundary Blurrer: An Interview with Vera Frenkel Robert Enright

  • Sculpture and Other Provocations: The Artful Subversions of Colleen Wolstenholme Ray Cronin
  • Inside the Outsider’s Mind: Iris Haussler’s “The Legacy of Joseph Wagenbach” Andrea Carson

  • Ice Fishing in Gimli: Bibliophilic Rapture in the Cold or Twilight’s Last Gleaning Gary Michael Dault

  • Fred Herzog Robin Laurence
  • Shary Boyle William V. Ganis
  • Gilles Clément and Philippe Rahm James D. Campbell
  • Richard Holden Christabel Wiebe
  • Jeff Wall Megan Ratner
  • David Altmejd Kate Regan
  • René Magritte Susan Emerling
  • Carol Wainio Randall Anderson
  • Jenny Perlin Jacob Korczynski
  • Stephen Foster and James Gillespie Portia Priegert
  • Peter MacCallum Richard Holden
  • Clifford Wiens Alison Gillmor
  • Miroslav Tichý Christopher Olson
  • George Steeves Martha Langford
  • The Domesticated Zombie Andrew Currie’s “Fido” Robert Enright
  • Peter Dykhuis Meredith Dault
  • “Technologies of Intuition” edited by Jennifer Fisher Leah Sandals