Volume 25, Number 2: Evan Penny

June 2006

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Table of Contents


  • Desire and Art on the Inside Track Meeka Walsh

  • The Craft of Sculpturing Furniture: Keith Oliver
  • Sensational Instabilities: Martin Golland
  • Girl Stories: Katie Herzog
  • Surrealism Degree Zero: Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline

  • The Reck of History: Hany Abu-Assad’s “Paradise Now” and Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” Robert Enright

  • The Artful Doubter: Evan Penny & the Making of Extraordinary Objects Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh
  • The Eye of the Painting: An Interview with Peter Doig Robert Enright

  • Floating World: The Post-Minimalist Art of Faye HeavyShield Lianne McTavish
  • Young Girls and Old Boys: The Art of Prudence Heward and Edwin Holgate James D. Campbell
  • Diplomacies of the Built World: Berlin’s New Embassies Sascha Hastings
  • Tombstone Outlaw: What Ron Keenberg’s Self-Published Monograph Says about Canadian Architectural Cul Trevor Boddy

  • Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline

  • Bonnie Marin Nadja Sayej
  • David B. Milne Gary Michael Dault
  • Sky Glabush Mary Christa O’Keefe
  • On Kawara Risa Horowitz
  • Carolee Schneemann and Stan Brakhage Robin Laurence
  • “Of Mice and Men”: The Fourth Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art Rosemary Heather
  • The Whitney Biennial 2006 Jean-Francois BĂ©lisle
  • Mary Kavanagh Anne Dymond
  • Boxed Sweet: Donald Judd on the Marfa Road Robin Laurence
  • Sandra Meigs Wendy Welch
  • Martin Pearce Liz Wylie
  • Controller: Artists Crack the Game Code Terence Dick
  • Anselm Keifer Chistine Redfern
  • Randall Anderson Trevor Gould
  • Wyn Geleynse Patrick Mahon

  • Boxed Sweet: Donald Judd on the Marfa Road Robin Laurence