Volume 32, Number 2: Special Venice Issue

June 2013

Cover: Shary Boyle, “The Widow”, 2013, porcelain, glaze, hand-woven netting, 35 x 25 x 25 cm. Courtesy the National Gallery of Canada. Photography: © Rafael Goldchain, 2013.

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Table of Contents

  • Essay

  • The Ineluctable East Daniel Baird
  • Portfolios

  • Face Value: The Drawings of Jutai Toonoo Sarah Milroy
  • Intimacy’s Awkward Beauty, Sarah Anne Johnson Meeka Walsh
  • Poetry

  • 3 Poems by Catherine Greenwood Catherine Greenwood
  • Crossovers

  • Kelly Richardson William V. Ganis
  • Melanie Authier James D. Campbell
  • Janet Cardiff Tom Kohut
  • “Natural Motif: Lorraine Gilbert and Natasha Mazurka” Celina Jeffery
  • Jon Sasaki Amanda Brason
  • Patrick Howlett E.C. Woodley
  • Emmy Skensved Gary Michael Dault
  • “Border Cultures: Part One (homes, land)” Nadja Pelkey
  • Cliff Eyland Cliff Eyland
  • Kelly Jazvac & Kelly Wood Stephanie Cormier
  • Gerard Byrne Paul Carey-Kent
  • “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” Aryen Hoekstra
  • Garry Neill Kennedy Matthew Carver