Issue 105 – Wangechi Mutu

February 2008 – Volume 27, Number 1

Volume 27, Number 1: Wangechi Mutu



  • Francis Alÿs Susan Emerling
  • Roy Arden Christopher Olson
  • “It’s Good Enough Here” Gary Michael Dault
  • Francesco Vezzoli William V. Ganis
  • Karel Funk James D. Campbell
  • Jenn Norton Nadja Sayej
  • “Pattern Theory” Gary Michael Dault
  • James Nizam Robin Laurence
  • “Shapeshifters, Time Travellers and Storytellers” Terence Dick
  • “Be Wolf: A True Account of the Survival of Reinhold Kaletch” by Wayne Tefs Douglas Reimer
  • Dean Drever Lee Henderson
  • Ian Wallace Gary Pearson
  • Graeme Patterson David Garneau
  • “Close to You” Meredith Dault

  • Land of the Midnight Sons and Daughters Contemporary Inuit Drawings: Shuvinai Ashoona, Kavavaow Mannomee, Nick Sikkuark Amy Karlinsky