Volume 26, Number 4: Words & Pictures

December 2007

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Table of Contents


  • Plain Landscape Meeka Walsh

  • The World of Comics According to Seth
  • Ideas of North: Diana Thorneycroft
  • The Combinator: John Havelda
  • Mega Zines: Shawn Kuruneru

  • Words to Picture, Pictures to Words Robert Enright

  • Leonard Cohen Robert Enright
  • The Coincidence Man: The Art of Marcel Van Eeden Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh

  • Shawn Kuruneru

  • 14 Poems from Bloom Michael Lista, Meeka Walsh

  • Royal Art Lodge Amy Karlinsky
  • Lisa Wood Amy Karlinsky
  • Gary Michael Dault Will Gill
  • Oil Spill: New Painting in Ontario Valerie Doucette
  • Pretend: Theatre & Video Sandee Moore
  • Painter Pants J.J. Kegan McFadden
  • Brian Belott Sky Glabush
  • Informal Architectures Nancy Tousley
  • 2007 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art: “Living Utopia and Disaster” Anthea Black
  • Cynthia Girard Virginia Dixon
  • Bruce Nauman Randall Anderson
  • Robert Gober Mark Clintberg
  • “Bomb After Bomb: A Violent Cartography” by erin o’Hara slavick Andrea D. Fitzpatrick
  • Nelson Henricks Sandra Vida
  • “Crack the Sky” - La Biennale de MontrĂ©al #5 James D. Campbell
  • “Glorious Eccentrics: Modernist Women Painting and Writing” and “Surprised in Translation” Robin Laurence

  • Keyhole Collages Guy Maddin, Paul Butler