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Issue 146

June 2018 – Volume 37, Number 2

  • Portfolio

  • The Floating Library: Illuminated Discards, Stray Scriptures, Scribbles and Shapes: 1888-2018 (and onward) into Eternity (with Digressions) Jeff Ladouceur
  • Crossovers

  • Gordon Smith Martin Pearce
  • Gary Pearson Robert Belton
  • Steven Beckly Daniel Baird
  • Eve K Tremblay James D. Campbell
  • Nicolas Sassoon Meredyth Cole
  • Jay Isaac Earl Miller
  • “The Sunshine Eaters” Anna Kovler
  • Bev Pike Sandee Moore
  • “Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City” James D. Campbell
  • Nicholas Crombach Edwin Janzen
  • Peter Hujar Janique Vigier
  • Dhaka Art Summit 2018 Mohammad N. Miraly
  • “Frontera: Views of the U.S.-Mexico Border” John K Grande