Volume 33, Number 2: Remaking the Real

June 2014

Remaking the Real. Tom Sachs, June Leaf, Vera Frenkel, David McMillan, Pierre Huyghe and Joshua Schwebel

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Table of Contents

  • Bordernotes

  • Rilke: Speak, Longing Meeka Walsh
  • Borderviews

  • Time Past and Time Present Vincent Trasov
  • Techno-Natural Spirits Stan Denniston
  • Irradiant Sightings David McMillan
  • The Art of Slow Journalism Rob Hornstra
  • Bordercolumn

  • Essaying the Documentary “Shameless Propaganda” directed, written and edited by Robert Lower Robert Enright
  • Interviews

  • Doing Just the Right Wrong Thing An Interview with Tom Sachs Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh
  • Drawing the Dance of the Unfinished Story An Interview with June Leaf Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh
  • Articles

  • Vera Frenkel Protean Sites and Sightings Gary Michael Dault
  • Post Man Resistance and Convention in the Art of Pierre Huyghe Stephen Horne
  • The End of Telling Eldon Garnet’s Narrative of Extinction Daniel Baird
  • Present Absences The Vexing Art of Joshua Schwebel Jon Davies
  • Crossovers

  • Michael Snow Barry Schwabsky
  • Mira Schendel Paul Carey-Kent
  • Petra Halkes Michael Davidge
  • Aernout Mik Sholem Krishtalka
  • Tavi Weisz Petra Halkes
  • Patrick Mahon Erica Mendritzki
  • Myfanwy MacLeod Robin Laurence
  • “Contemporary Drawings from the National Gallery of Canada” Marcus Miller
  • Greg Curnoe Patrick Mahon
  • Mike Nelson Earl Miller
  • Andreas Gursky Christopher Olson
  • Leon Kossoff Martin Pearce
  • Peter Doig M.J. Thompson