Issue 106 – Ed Ruscha

May 2008 – Volume 27, Number 2

Volume 27, Number 2: Ed Ruscha



  • Slowly, from the moon Meeka Walsh

  • Masker Aid: Patrick Lundeen
  • What to Do with an Asterisk?: Victoria Cheung
  • Crying Time Again: Daniel Barrow
  • Freedom’s Just Another Word for Everything Left to Say: Richard Williams

  • Playing with Film: “Nightwatching,” directed by Peter Greenaway Robert Enright

  • The Painted Whirred: Ed Ruscha’s Spin on Language Robert Enright
  • A Woman for All Seasons: An Interview with Françoise Sullivan Robert Enright

  • Quasi Models: Thising and Thating in the World of Geoffrey Farmer Lee Henderson
  • Sympatico for the Devils Art and Music Do Their Thing John Kissick

  • Richard Williams

  • 1973: Sorry, Out of Gas James D. Campbell
  • iCuba! Art and History from 1868 to Today Tracy Valcourt
  • Subconscious City Amy Karlinsky
  • Jasper Johns Randall Anderson
  • Lida Abdul Christopher Olson
  • Elspeth Pratt Robin Laurence
  • Adrienne Spier Gary Michael Dault
  • Unmonumental: The Object in the 21st Century Mark Clintberg
  • Landscape x 4: Geoffrey James, Alex Cameron, Jennifer Stead, Kelly Richardson Petra Halkes
  • Brendan Fernandes Portia Priegert
  • “Framing Identity: Social Practices of Photography in Canada (1880-1920)” by Susan Close Sigrid Dahle
  • Exponential Future Christopher Brayshaw
  • Derek Sullivan Cliff Eyland
  • Matthew Brown Sean Alward
  • Harold Klunder Virginia Dixon