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Title: Photogenesis
A Brief History of Light in Canada
Author: Adam Lauder
Date: December 2016
Issue: Volume 35, Number 4: Sound Film Photography (#140)
Page: 72-0
Subject: History of Light in Canada
Title: From Fashion to the Supernatural
Emma Gendron’s Multimedia Modernism
Author: Adam Lauder
Date: December 2015
Issue: Volume 34, Number 4: Son et Lumière (#136)
Page: 78-0
Section: Articles   Tags: emma gendron, modernism
Subject: Emma Gendron
Title: Vorticulturalism
Canadian Women Vorticists
Author: Adam Lauder
Date: March 2014
Issue: Volume 33, Number 1: Influence (#129)
Page: 58-65
Section: Articles   Tags: adam lauder
Subject: Vorticulturalism
Date: May 2011
Issue: Volume 30, Number 2: Brian Jungen (#118)
Page: 46-52
Section: Articles
Subject: Bertram Brooker and IAIN BAXTER&