Volume 33, Number 1: Influence

March 2014

Influence, its richness and anxieties. Marcel Dzama, Kim Dorland, Geoffrey Farmer, Sherry Walchuk, Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver

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Table of Contents

  • Bordernotes

  • Gertrude Stein’s Dog Meeka Walsh
  • Borderviews

  • Cold Comforts RAW: Almond
  • Street Philosopher Isiah Medina
  • Deep Surface Rebecca Belmore
  • Uncanny Occupations Sherry Walchuk
  • Bordercolumn

  • Beyond Redemption “Burroughs: the movie” directed by Howard Brookner Robert Enright
  • Interviews

  • Spirits of Collaboration An Interview with Marcel Dzama Robert Enright
  • Painting’s Giant Dialogue An Interview with Kim Dorland Robert Enright
  • Essay

  • Against Influence: In which an Artist Makes Sweeping but Occasionally Supportable Statements Cliff Eyland
  • Articles

  • Vorticulturalism Canadian Women Vorticists Adam Lauder
  • The Mime of the Ancients: On Geoffrey Farmer’s “A Light In The Moon” Aryen Hoekstra
  • Car Tunes Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver and the Song of the Open Road Lee Henderson
  • Art Pages

  • Sherry Walchuk
  • Crossovers

  • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival 2014 Jonah Corne
  • Looking Up: Contemporary Connections with Inuit Art Alison Gillmor
  • Ai Weiwei Phil Koch
  • William Eakin Tracy Valcourt
  • Micah Lexier Earl Miller
  • Kimsooja Robin Laurence
  • “Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers Christopher Olson
  • “Living in a Material World” James D. Campbell
  • Jack Goldstein Milena Tomic
  • Anthony Caro Ken Carpenter
  • Michael Flomen Gary Michael Dault
  • Jean-Francois Lauda James D. Campbell
  • “The Carnegie International” Krystina Mierins
  • “Art Cities of the Future: 21st-Century Avant-Gardes Robin Laurence
  • “Hello, the Roses” Mariianne Mays Wiebe