Volume 34, Number 4: Son et Lumière

December 2015

Son et Lumière – the two essential elements of expression and celebration and both are present in this issue. The light (photography) is presented by the photographs of two American masters: Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander. The sound is here in the music work of Michael Snow and the eminent contemporary composers: Joan Tower, David Lang and Barbara Monk Feldman. And meet the first postmodern multi-media communications diva, Canadian polymath Emma Gendron, 1895–1952.

Robert Frank, Michael Snow, Lee Friedlander, Joan Tower, Barbara Monk Feldman, David Lang, Emma Gendron, Ed Burtynsky, Collin Zipp, Jon Sasaki, Shary Boyle & Shuvinai Ashoona

Exhibition reviews featuring Doug Aitken, John Player, VSVSVS, “Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11,” John O’Brian’s “Camera Atomica,” Noam Gonick’s “To Russia with Love,” Gilles Hébert, “Lost Space and its Remnants: The Hole in the Wall, A Retrospective,” Jon Rafman and Brad Isaacs.

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Table of Contents

  • Bordernotes

  • Vagaries, Quirks and a Cracked Kettle: The Way of Translation Meeka Walsh
  • Borderviews

  • Limo Trimming
  • Hilarious Horror
  • That’s Photography with a D
  • Painting by Numbers
  • Bordercolumn

  • Hearing Al Purdy Al Purdy Was Here, directed by Brian D Johnson Robert Enright
  • Interviews

  • Play Back Playing Forward A Conversation with Michael Snow
  • The Music That Comes in from the Cold Robert Enright
  • Exactly Like Writing A Novel: Joan Tower and the Art of Composing
  • Re-Composing History: An Interview with Barbara Monk Feldman
  • Bang on a Plan: An Interview with David Lang
  • Articles

  • Looking for Desire The Collaborative Projects of Robert Frank and Gerhard Steidl Robert Bean
  • This Small Library of Books The Photographs of Lee Friedlander Geoffrey James
  • From Fashion to the Supernatural Emma Gendron’s Multimedia Modernism Adam Lauder
  • Crossovers

  • “The Flesh of the World Terence Dick
  • Doug Aitken Paul Carey-Kent
  • John Player Edwin Janzen
  • “In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11” Kyo Maclear
  • “Camera Atomica” Emily Doucet
  • VSVSVS Stephanie Cormier
  • Gilles Hébert Tom Kohut
  • Brad Isaacs Krystina Mierins
  • Jon Rafman Tracy Valcourt
  • To Russia with Love Jenifer Papararo
  • “Lost Space and its Remnants: The Hole in the Wall, A Retrospective” Ben Wood