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Title: Icing
Commentaries on the Hockey Collages of Paul Butler
Author: Jeanne Randolph, Guy Maddin
Date: December 2018
Issue: Volume 37, Number 4: Women + Sculpture (#148)
Page: 94-101
Section: Portfolios   Tags: collagecollageshockeypaul butler
Subject: paul butler
Title: Shades on Ice
A Midwinter Night’s Haunting
Author: Guy Maddin, Noam Gonick, Jonah Corne, Monika Vrečar
Date: March 2015
Issue: Volume 34, Number 1: we are monsters (#133)
Page: 40-45
Title: My (Other) Winnipeg: Excerpts from a Phantom Film
Author: Guy Maddin
Date: August 2008
Issue: Volume 27, Number 3: Winnipeg (#107)
Page: 104-111
Section: Film Script
Subject: Guy Maddin’s “My Winnipeg”
Title: Keyhole Collages
Author: Guy Maddin, Paul Butler
Date: December 2007
Issue: Volume 26, Number 4: Words & Pictures (#104)
Page: 67
Section: Portfolios
Subject: Keyhole, collages directed by Guy Maddin
Title: Guy Maddin’s The Brand Upon The Brain
Author: Guy Maddin
Date: November 2005
Issue: Volume 24, Number 4: Strange Beauty (#96)
Page: 56-63
Section: Essays
Subject: “The Brand upon the Brain,” written by George Toles and Guy Maddin, photographed by Benjamin Kaulke & Maddin, directed by Maddin
Title: “The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown,” edited by Jean Clair
Author: Guy Maddin
Date: August 2004
Issue: Volume 23, Number 3: Paint (#91)
Page: 129-131
Subject: “The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown” edited by Jean Clair
Title: Beauty Farm or Interlake Creamery
Author: Guy Maddin
Date: May 2004
Issue: Volume 23, Number 2: Beauty: Photography and Fashion (#90)
Page: 66-69
Section: Fiction
Title: Dikemaster’s Daughter
Author: Guy Maddin, George Toles
Date: November 1997
Issue: Volume 16, Number 4: Robert Frank (#64)
Page: 34-41
Section: Portfolios
Subject: film script and storyboards for “Dikemaster’s Daughter”