Volume 16, Number 4: Robert Frank

November 1997

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Table of Contents


  • The Force of Memory Meeka Walsh

  • The Artist Who Played in From the Cold: George Swinton
  • A Portrait of the Grandmother as a Young Girl: Sandra Birdsell
  • Dance of Many Colours: Rubena Sinha
  • Sands of Time: The Architectural Glass of Warren Carther

  • Iffy and Stinky: Dissecting The X-Files M.B. Duggan
  • Distractions in a Golden Eye Myrna Kostash
  • She Shot the Jerrett Robert Enright

  • Frank Speaking: An Interview with Robert Frank Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh

  • Blind Time: Ken Lum’s Photo-Mirrors Christopher Brayshaw
  • Momentary Madeness: The Art of Claudia Cuesta Robin Laurence
  • Westward Ho: The Internationalization of China’s New Art Ralph Crozier

  • Three Poems by Shawna Lemay Shawna Lemay

  • The Force of Uncertainty Alison Gillmor
  • Big Disney is Watching You Cheryl Simon, Fred McSherry
  • Angels of History Tim Lilburn
  • Pink Paws in Berlin N.E. Sjoman
  • Tracking Memory Anne Michaels
  • Feminism Twice Over Robin Laurence
  • Ganging Up on the Big Jackie Owe: or Why the Sturm-und-Dragshow on Tunnel Mountain? Trevor Boddy
  • Strange Attracter John Armstrong

  • Dikemaster’s Daughter Guy Maddin, George Toles