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Issue 133 – we are monsters

March 2015 – Volume 34, Number 1

  • Portfolios

  • Shades on Ice A Midwinter Night’s Haunting Guy Maddin, Noam Gonick, Jonah Corne, Monika Vrečar
  • Inside 1835–2013 Kingston Penitentiary Geoffrey James
  • The Disquieting Strangeness of Being Human The Drawings of Sophie Jodoin Sophie Jodoin
  • Fiction

  • The Room of a Thousand Windows after Borges Lee Henderson
  • Crossovers

  • Douglas Coupland Robin Laurence
  • The Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics Aryen Hoekstra
  • Ralph Gibson John K Grande
  • Gwen MacGregor Dan Adler
  • William Eakin Richard Holden
  • Gina Rorai James D. Campbell
  • Who Counts? A Feminist Throwdown Lois Klassen
  • Robert Fones Ben Portis
  • “According to Plan” by Rob Kovitz Gary Michael Dault
  • Clare Twomey Krystina Mierins
  • Glenn Ligon Paul Carey-Kent
  • The Montréal Biennale: L’avenir (looking forward) James D. Campbell