Volume 30, Number 1: Production

March 2011

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Table of Contents


  • Wanda Koop Amy Karlinsky
  • Janice Wright Cheney Sarah Maloney
  • “Bastards of Misrepresentation: Doing Time on Filipino Time” Matthew Carver
  • Eleanor Bond, AA Bronson, Shezad Dawood, Adrian Stimson and Lori Blondeau Alison Gillmor
  • Otto Dix James D. Campbell
  • Dil Hildebrand Petra Halkes
  • Cedric Bomford Dan Adler
  • Katie Bethune-Leamen Kelly Jazvac
  • “l’oubli de l’air” Lani Maestro with Malcom Goldstein Anja Bock
  • Benjamin King Cameron Skene
  • “Waste Not” and “Fragmented History: Objects and Meaning” Adele Weder
  • “Reconnaissance” William MacDonnell and Todd Tremeer Meredith Dault
  • Lieux mêmes by Bertrand Carrière Chester Pelkey
  • Walter Tandy Murch Brian Grison
  • Robert Adams Robin Laurence