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Title: “Patrick Staff: The Foundation”
Author: Christine Walde
Date: August 2016
Issue: Volume 35, Number 3: Painting (#139)
Page: 135-0
Section: Crossovers
Title: Qavavau Manumie
Author: Christine Walde
Date: June 2016
Issue: Volume 35, Number 2: Art + Architecture (#138)
Page: 136-137
Section: Crossovers   Tags: drawing, inuit art
Title: “Not Bad for London”
Author: Christine Walde
Date: February 2012
Issue: Volume 31, Number 1: Willem de Kooning (#121)
Page: 0-0
Section: Crossovers
Date: December 2011
Issue: Volume 30, Number 4: John Currin (#120)
Page: 92-93
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Baker Lake Wall Hangings” at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre in Guelph
Title: Bruce Nauman
Author: Christine Walde
Date: May 2011
Issue: Volume 30, Number 2: Brian Jungen (#118)
Page: 93-94
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Bruce Nauman: Audio/Video Piece for London, Ontario” was exhibited at the Forest City Gallery in London, Ontario