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Title: Mowry Baden
Author: Stephen Horne
Date: March 2010
Issue: Volume 29, Number 1: Performance (#113)
Page: 98-99
Section: Crossovers
Subject: Mowry Baden’s
Title: Chris Kline
Author: Stephen Horne
Date: June 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 2 (#110)
Page: 99-100
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Chris Kline” at Galerie René Blouin in Montreal
Title: The Québec Triennial
Author: Stephen Horne
Date: August 2008
Issue: Volume 27, Number 3: Winnipeg (#107)
Page: 177-179
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: The Québec Triennial at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art