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Title: Image-Grappler
Sky Glabush and the Art of Self-Interrogation
Author: Robert Enright
Date: August 2018
Issue: Volume 37, Number 3: Painting (#147)
Page: 64-75
Section: Interviews   Tags: painting, sky glabush
Subject: Sky Glabush
Title: Sky Glabush
Author: Ben Portis
Date: June 2016
Issue: Volume 35, Number 2: Art + Architecture (#138)
Page: 137-139
Section: Crossovers   Tags: sculpture, sky glabush
Title: Sky Glabush
Author: Mira Berlin
Date: September 2014
Issue: Volume 33, Number 3: Painting (#131)
Page: 119-121
Section: Crossovers   Tags: collage, drawing, sky glabush
Subject: Sky Glabush