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Title: In Search of a Paradigm: The Social Role of Architecture
Author: Adele Weder
Date: June 2016
Issue: Volume 35, Number 2: Art + Architecture (#138)
Page: 74-79
Subject: Henriquez Partners Architects
Title: “Waste Not” and “Fragmented History: Objects and Meaning”
Author: Adele Weder
Date: March 2011
Issue: Volume 30, Number 1: Production (#117)
Page: 84-85
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Waste Not” exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery and “Fragmented History: Objects and Meaning” at the West Vancouver Museum
Date: March 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 1: Shirin Neshat (#109)
Page: 70-74
Section: Articles
Subject: radical magazines and architectural criticism