Barry Schwabsky’s THE POEM Fills A Tower of Laurels

Border Crossings’ Contributing Editor Barry Schwabsky has poetry glowing in Times Square.

On April 8th, artist Raúl Cordero revealed a 20-foot foliage-adorned tower to green the senses of New York walkers. Inside the tower, the project explains its name, THE POEM, with black light bulbs spelling out Schwabsky’s words: “calm silence rolls… deftly through so much clamor… roar echo un heard”. The text frames a patch of open sky, inviting readers to slow down amidst commercial chaos.

On April 28th, from 6-7 pm, Schwabsky will host a poetry reading at Duffy Square, featuring additional works read by Monica de la Torre, John Yau, and Erica Hunt.

Barry Schwabsky’s regular column in Border Crossings is called PictureLibrary, with the current edition titled, “Bodies and the How of Seeing: The Photographs of Hester Scheurwater and Lina Scheynius”. Preview the most recent PictureLibrary here!

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