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Title: Milos Milidrag
Author: Kim Olynyk
Date: September 2014
Issue: Volume 33, Number 3: Painting (#131)
Page: 136-137
Section: Crossovers   Tags: milos milidrag, paint, painting
Subject: Milos Milidrag
Title: Eric Lesage
Author: Kim Olynyk
Date: May 2012
Issue: Volume 31, Number 2: Arnaud Maggs (#122)
Page: 0-0
Section: Crossovers
Title: Edith Dekyndt
Author: Kim Olynyk
Date: March 2007
Issue: Volume 26, Number 1: Machines One (#101)
Page: 86-89
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: Edith Dekyndt’s “Two White Pieces” at the Arch 2 Gallery at the University of Manitoba