A Tribute to Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith in his studio, 2009. Photo: Martin Tessler. Photographs courtesy Equinox Gallery, Vancouver.

Gordon Smith: June 18, 1919 – January 18, 2020

Over the years Border Crossings had the pleasure of publishing reviews and articles about the painting of the Vancouver-based artist, Gordon Smith. Last month, Gordon died after a long and distinguished life as an artist, philanthropist and mentor to the world of art that he loved. The 19th century held the idea that a gentleman was an individual who knowingly never did anyone any harm. By that measure, Gordon Smith was a perfect gentleman throughout his life.

The tribute that follows is a small compendium that includes a personal memoir written specifically for this website by the art critic, Robin Laurence, his good friend and Border Crossings’ Contributing Editor in Vancouver, as well the catalogue essay for “Entanglements”, his 2012 exhibition at the Equinox Gallery written by Robert Enright.

Remembering Gordon Smith (1919–2020
by Robin Laurence
February 2020

Gordon Smith and the Art of Picture-Making
by Robert Enright
for Equinox Gallery | September 2012

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