Issue 89 – Remember There's A War Out There

February 2004 – Volume 23, Number 1

Volume 23, Number 1: Remember There's A War Out There



  • Severed Lines Meeka Walsh

  • Site Requiem: Susanna Heller
  • The Language of War: Wanda Koop
  • Counter Propagandist: Blair Martin
  • The Devil’s Party: Marc Seguin

  • Myth-Breaker: Nathaniel Kahn’s “My Architect” Robert Enright

  • Particularizing Some General Ideas: An Interview with AA Bronson Robert Enright
  • Picturing the Autobiographical War: Nancy Spero’s War Series Robert Enright

  • Caroline Dukes: Building Light Meeka Walsh

  • Passed Presence: Photographs and Text from Iraq by Roger Lemoyne Roger LeMoyne

  • AA Bronson: excerpts from NEST

  • 3 poems Lorna Crozier
  • 2 poems Christopher Levenson

  • Pierre Huyghe James Trainor
  • Video Acts Catherine Elwes
  • The Gothic Unconscious: Blind Spot Amy Karlinsky
  • Melvin Charney Joanne Stober
  • Vision and Form: Inuit Art Robin Laurence
  • Carolee Schneemann Randall Anderson
  • Tom Thomson David Rozniatowski
  • Parallaxe: Celebrating the Provencher Bridge Terrence Heath
  • Louise Bourgeois Terrence Heath
  • what it feels like for a girl Scott Treleaven
  • Moscow-Berlin 1950-2000 Rosemary Heather
  • “Original Fire: Selected and New Poems” by Louise Erdrich Charlene Diehl-Jones
  • “Alien Heart: The Life and Work of Margaret Laurence” by Lyall Powers Mhari Mackintosh
  • “A Sweeper-Up After Artists: A Memoir” by Irving Sandler Robert Berlind