Volume 22, Number 4: PAINT

November 2003

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Table of Contents


  • The Sublime Mr. M. (Steve Martin, Again) Meeka Walsh

  • Wallpaper Weight: Sadko Hadzihasanovic
  • Close Encounters of a Painterly Kind: Karel Funk
  • Birder: Sarah Crawley
  • Piece Maker: Johannes Zits

  • The Incredible Meanness of Being Robert Enright

  • The Everyday Sublime: An interview with Gina Rorai Robert Enright
  • 3 Painters: Cliff Eyland, Monica Tap, Eliza Griffiths Robert Enright
  • Sexy Boy The Art of Cliff Eyland Robert Enright
  • Hover Crafting: The Art of Monica Tap Robert Enright
  • Souped-Up Everything: The Art of Eliza Griffiths Robert Enright

  • Curious Design and Unique Intention: The Recent Art of Julian Schnabel Robert Enright
  • Walking the Walk: The Artist as Flâneur James Trainor

  • Karel Funk

  • Lines Painted in Early Spring Leslie Dawn
  • The Body Transformed Petra Halkes
  • Shore/Lines Terrence Heath
  • Drawing the World Robin Laurence
  • Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Catherine Elwes
  • The Décor Project: White on White Christopher Olson
  • “Lightning” by Fred Stenson Wayne Tefs
  • Nick Dobson Mario Trono
  • Vessna Perunovich Virginia M. Eichorn
  • Joanne Bristol Amy Karlinsky
  • Magdalena Abakanowicz Terrence Heath
  • Saatchi Gallery Terence Dick