Issue 74 – On Work

May 2000 – Volume 19, Number 2

Volume 19, Number 2: On Work



  • The Dailyness of Whole Cloth Meeka Walsh

  • Blanketeering: Kim Ouellette
  • Unsettler of the Marsh: Jake Moore
  • Facing Ecstasy: Helen Sadler
  • Big Attack Books: Bonnie Marin

  • A Film on the Verge of a Murderous Breakdown Robert Enright
  • The Wind Cried Glenn Gary Genosko

  • The Aesthetics of Wonder: An Interview with Ann Hamilton Robert Enright
  • The Incredible Lightness of Bee-ing: An Interview with Aganetha Dyck

  • The work is done while you sleep: The Enigmatic Methods of Edith Dekyndt Rodney LaTourelle

  • William Eakin: Have a Nice Day William Eakin

  • The Red Shale Hornbooks Robert Kroetsch

  • Form Follows Form David Garneau
  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer Myrna Kostash
  • Mother Knows Best Mireille Perron
  • Messages Beyond the Medium David Garneau
  • The Myth Universe Pageant Petra Halkes
  • Kitsch Salon Christopher Brayshaw
  • Dressing Up, Dressing Down Birk Sproxton
  • The Unbroken Stieglitz Circle Robert Enright
  • Video, Vidi, Vici Robert McGee
  • The Absence Drinkers Heather Elton
  • Love’s Darkness Jon Kertzer
  • Genealogies of Blood and Breath Sky Glabush
  • The Loneliness of the Long Distant Photographer Gary Michael Dault

  • Balm and Beauty and Hosanna Andrzej Pluta