Volume 17, Number 1: The Body: Gay and Straight

February 1998

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Table of Contents


  • Telling the Dancer from the Dance Meeka Walsh

  • Taking It to the Streets: Szu Burgess
  • Mini Epics
  • The Chaotic Stirring of Things: Chaim Soutine & Inge Israel
  • Painting a Language: Andy Fabo

  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer Myrna Kostash
  • Love Among the Ruins: “Sick” and the Cinema of Transgression Robert Enright

  • The Articulate Body Carolee Schneemann in Conversation Robert Enright

  • Haring Bones: Rattling the Career of Keith Haring Tony Luppino
  • Oriental Pink Lime: The Art of Bhupen Khakar N.E. Sjoman

  • Consuming Urbanization Gerry Kisil
  • Atavistic Refinements Alison Gillmor
  • The First Lady, Transformed Birk Sproxton
  • Eyestreaming David Garneau
  • Aesthetical Science Petra Halkes
  • Home, Home on the Wide-Ranging Alison Gillmor
  • Long John Printer Cliff Eyland
  • Sightlined Impressions David Garneau
  • The Hand-Maden of Photography Robin Laurence
  • Adele Wise Woman Maggie Dwyer
  • Big Apple Bibliolatry Robert McGee
  • Rhapsody Indefinite Robert Budde
  • Lynx from the Past: Chekhov Goes Native Heather Elton
  • Still Dreaming After All These Fears Greg Beatty
  • Trophy Art Donald Richie
  • Through the Looking Glass Esta Spalding

  • Travellers’ First Communion Wanita Bates

  • Spoon Change Joan Skogan