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Title: The Broken Bottles Our Lives Are
3 Poems by Susan Musgrave
Author: Susan Musgrave
Date: September 2017
Issue: Volume 36, Number 3: Painting (#143)
Page: 100-101
Section: Poetry   Tags: poetry, susan musgrave
Subject: Susan Musgrave
Title: Dice in a Blizzard
Author: Susan Musgrave
Date: March 22, 2013
Page: 50-51
Section: Poetry
Subject: Five Poems by Susan Musgrave
Title: A Quintessential Man: Al Purdy
Author: Susan Musgrave
Date: November 2000
Issue: Volume 19, Number 4: Nancy Spero (#76)
Page: 48-51
Section: Commentaries
Subject: Al Purdy
Title: The Receiving End of Love
Four Pooms by Susan Musgrave
Author: Susan Musgrave
Date: October 1990
Issue: Volume 9, Number 4: Love (#36)
Page: 62-63
Section: Poetry