Double Doubting: Carla Zaccagnini’s Art of Uncanny Deception

On the way to view Carla Zaccagnini’s exhibition, “no. it is opposition.,” I pass block after block of suburban housing developments punctuated by badly aging late-modernist high-rises whose peeling paint adds at least some character to their uninventive design. To avoid regretting this trip to a gallery knowingly billing itself as “out there,” I remind myself these look-alike houses and apartments, not to mention the glut of strip malls bordering the highway, are simply research material for Zaccagnini’s exhibition. This exhibition indeed concerns sameness, as her palindromatic exhibition title suggests–the paradox of objects or images appearing the same but actually working in opposition to one another…

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Volume 28, Number 1: Shirin Neshat

This article originally appeared in Border Crossings #109, published March 2009.

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