Border Crossings’ Carolee Schneemann Archive

“Since 1986 Border Crossings has been responding to and corresponding with the essential and wondrous feminist artist — dazzling artist — Carolee Schneemann. She was such a significant figure of conscience, courage and invention that we thought her passion was sufficient to sustain her for all eternity. And it was. No one will forget her and no one can vanquish the ground-breaking work she did. What follows is a small archive of the material on and conversations with Carolee Schneemann published in Border Crossings over the years.” -Meeka Walsh, editor

Material on Carolee Schneemann appears in the following issues:

I. Vol 17 no1 - Interview with Robert Enright.

Cover, Volume 17, Number 1, Issue Number 65, The Body: Gay and Straight, 1998

II. Vol 6 no 1 - (a) Third World Art, A Symposium on Performance Art

- (b) Obsessionals : Winnipeg’s International Intermedia Performance Art Festival

Cover, Volume 6, Number 1, Issue Number 21, Robert Archambeau, 1986

III. Vol 33 no 4 - Notes on Fuseology Carolee Schneemann Remembers James Tenney

Cover, Volume 33, Number 4, Issue Number 132, Correspondences, 2014

IV. Vol 23 no 1- Carolee Schneemann by Randall Anderson

Cover, Volume 23, Number 1, Issue Number 89, Remember There’s A War Out There, 2004

V. Vol 25 no 2 - Carolee Schneeman and Stan Brackhage by Robin Laurence

Cover, Volume 25, Number 2, Issue Number 98, Evan Penny, 2006

VI. Vol 29 no 4 - Carolee Schneemann by MJ Thompson

Cover, Volume 144, Volume 29, Number 4, Raymond Pettibon, 2010

VII. Vol 36 no 4 - Carolee Schneemann by Paul Carey-Kent

Cover, Volume 36, Number 4, Issue Number 65, Richard Serra, 2017

VIII. Vol 33 no 4 - Dangerous Persuasions, Carolee Schneeman’s Body of Letters by Meeka Walsh

Cover, Volume 33, Number 4, Issue Number 132, Correspondences, 2014