Albert Maysles

Gimme Shelter, 1970, 16-mm film, colour, 90 minutes. Photograph: David Dalton.

Albert Maysles, third from left.

With his recent passing, Albert Maysles leaves behind a legacy of the Direct Cinema movement, an approach to documentary filmmaking “…with no interviews, no narration and no manipulation of the truth; the film is found in the shooting.”

Through this process, Maysles and his brother David, along with other collaborators, created such works as Salesman, Psychiatry in Russia, In Transit, Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens, Running Fence, Muhammed and Larry and Capturing Reality.

Interviewed by Robert Enright for Border Crossings in Issue 122: Film Photography Video, the October 2012 conversation with Albert Maysles is an affecting look into the artist’s experience with film, the momentary and lasting observation of human-kind, and the development of his craft.

To read the full interview online, click here.

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