Issue 85 – William Wegman

February 2003 – Volume 22, Number 1

Volume 22, Number 1: William Wegman



  • Words Like Bombs Meeka Walsh

  • The Art of the Impossibilist: Simon Hughes
  • The French Fusion Legion: Paul Bureau
  • MacLord of the Rings: Rick Miller
  • Looker: Jake Kosciuk

  • Arkivist Robert Enright

  • The Very Rich Hours of Carol Wainio Robert Enright
  • Chameleonesque: The Shape-Shifting Art of William Wegman Robert Enright

  • The Portraits of Richard Avedon Tony Luppino

  • Paul P.

  • Triumph of the Light; The photographer’s eye Dave Margoshes

  • Wanda Koop Petra Halkes
  • Jim Dine Robert Enright
  • John Constable Terrence Heath
  • David Garneau Greg Beatty
  • Around and About Painting Sara Hartland-Rowe
  • “Irene Avaalaaqiaq: Myth and Reality” by Judy Nasby Amy Karlinsky
  • John Hejduk James Trainor
  • Andrew Wright Risa Horowitz
  • William Pura Cliff Eyland
  • Shari Hatt Susan Close
  • “Historical Atlas of Canada: Canada’s History Illustrated with Original Maps” by Derek Hayes David Rozniatowski
  • “Heroines” by Lincoln Clarkes Andrew Johnson
  • “OUT/LINES Underground Gay Graphics from before Stonewall” Stan Persky
  • James Carl Terence Dick
  • “The Education of Mr. Whippoorwill: A Country Boyhood” by David Zieroth Charlene Diehl-Jones
  • “Mercy” by Alissa York Wayne Tefs