Issue 84 – Natural Reflections

November 2002 – Volume 21, Number 4

Volume 21, Number 4: Natural Reflections



  • She Is Not Amused Meeka Walsh

  • The Miss of Sisyphus: Will Gorlitz
  • Skirting Issues: Amy Cutler
  • Demistifier: Ken Gregory
  • The Art of Free Ranging: Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan

  • Lecter Hectoring Robert Enright

  • Eyeing the Landscape: The Photography of Thaddeus Holownia Robert Enright
  • Next Memory City: Michael Awad, Eve Egoyan and David Rokeby Robert Enright

  • A Frankenstein Poignancy: The Pieced and Painted World of Alexis Rockman Meeka Walsh

  • Amy Cutler

  • Mapping Our Territories Sandra Vida
  • Grocery Store Christopher Olson
  • William Eakin/Robert Epp and Rosalie Favell Cliff Eyland
  • Doug Melnyk Robin Metcalfe
  • Sandy Nicholson Andréa Picard
  • Atom Egoyan JoAnne Stober
  • Patrick Mahon Barbara McGill Balfour
  • Canada Darling James Trainor
  • The Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art 2002 David Garneau
  • Qu’Appelle: Tales of Two Valleys Terry Fenton
  • The Weyburn Project Greg Beatty
  • Michael Boss and Leslie Thompson Petra Halkes
  • “From Eve to Dawn” by Marilyn French Robin Laurence
  • “The Case of Lena S.” by David Bergen Wayne Tefs
  • “Surrealism and the Sacred: Power, Eros and the Occult in Modern Art” by Celia Rabinovitch Serena Keshavjee