Issue 79 – Allan McCollum

August 2001 – Volume 20, Number 3

Volume 20, Number 3: Allan McCollum



  • Iffy: Thoughts on Writing Meeka Walsh

  • Sigismondi’s Mundi: Floria Sigismondi
  • The Talented Synthesizer: Daniel Barrow
  • Holding a Mirror Up to Laughter: Shannan Calcutt
  • Stick Figuring: Lisa Kakoske

  • Degraded, X-Rated Robert Enright
  • West of the Deadline Gary Genosko

  • No Things but in Ideas: An Interview with Allan McCollum Robert Enright

  • 2001 Luftbalons: Blowing Things Up James Trainor
  • City of Coloured Shadows, Notes on Berlin Rodney LaTourelle

  • Kim Adams

  • Poems by Katherine Lawrence Katherine Lawrence

  • Neil Wedman and Joanne Tod: Spitting Images Christopher Brayshaw
  • Anna Hunt: Stitching in Time Robin Laurence
  • Wyn Geleynse and Taras Polataiko: Mirrors of the Subject Mark Cheetham
  • Nobuo Kubota: Inventing Deep Language Terrence Heath
  • Mowry Baden: Turning and Turning in the Freckled Gyres Christian Giroux
  • Eli Mandel: Life’s Sentences Charlene Diehl-Jones
  • “Spektator”: Rough Harmonies Greg Beatty
  • Robert Lepage: Heaven Sense Heather Elton
  • Revolve: Maxing Out Minimalism David Garneau
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain Sandra Vida
  • Michael Maranda: White Out Sigrid Dahle
  • Spring Hurlbut: White Exploits Petra Halkes
  • Massimo Guerrera: Core Generosity Jenifer Papararo