Volume 19, Number 1: Jeff Wall

February 2000

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Table of Contents


  • Building Lightly Meeka Walsh

  • The Philosopher of the Bottom Kitchen: Chris Dorosz
  • The Collectress: Janet Morton
  • Animal Rites Activist: Bill Burns
  • The Master of the Overload: Dan Kennedy

  • Relying on the Kindness of Monsters Robert Enright
  • The Art of Regional Nationalism Terrence Heath
  • The Art of Surveillance Gary Genosko

  • The Ambiguous Witness: An Interview with Leon Golub Robert Enright
  • The Consolation of Plausibility: An Interview with Jeff Wall Robert Enright

  • Antony Gormley, One Moment after Another Gary Michael Dault

  • Selections from “Irene” Dennis Cooley

  • See Change Cliff Eyland
  • Thought Structures Christopher Brayshaw
  • Media Mediate Mario Trono
  • Under the Influence Peter Millard
  • Turning and Learning in Her Widening Gyre Sky Glabush
  • No Means Know David Rozniatowski
  • Words Are the Best Revenge Jan Horner
  • The Geography of Memory Patricia Robertson
  • Male Art Robin Laurence
  • Cuteographies Greg Beatty
  • Brainy Art Gerry Kisil
  • Through a Glass Repetitively Sky Glabush

  • Drue Langlois and Michael Dumontier Eyeball Hurt & the Medicine Present