Volume 14, Number 2: The Body

April 1995

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Table of Contents


  • swift, the body Meeka Walsh

  • Shoe Business Alison Gillmor
  • Subversion X 2: David Arnason
  • Infinitude: Guy Maddin

  • Go West Young Woman Robert Enright
  • Down, Wanton, Down! Wayne Tefs

  • The Intimate Idealogue an interview with John Berger Robert Enright

  • A Field of Interpretation: The Work of Evan Penny Meeka Walsh
  • The Black Clothing of Things: Photography and Death Martha Langford
  • the fashionable body: Essaying the Aesthetics of Fashion Photography Robert Enright

  • Quotationalism Myron Turner
  • Hearing the Working Future Randal McIlroy
  • Memory Tracks Alison Gillmor
  • Ceremonies of Innocence Meeka Walsh
  • Deep Down Surfacing Simon Herbert
  • Maestro Margaret Robert Enright
  • The Registry of Flesh Gary Michael Dault
  • Approaching Cacophonies Robert Powell
  • Singing the Body Eclectic Robin Laurence
  • Far from the Midden Crowd Lelde Muehlenbachs

  • Eyes of the Beholders Refugee Women in Somalia Larry Krotz
  • Footing It to the Lord Patrick Friesen

  • To the Wedding John Berger