Volume 11, Number 1: Evelyn Hart

January 1992

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Table of Contents


  • Fear and Menacing on the Theatrical Trail Robert Enright

  • At Babi Yar David Arnason
  • Such Stuff as Dreams Wayne Tefs

  • Moving Intimacies: A Conversation with Evelyn Hart Robert Enright
  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t: The Legendary Art of Christo Robert Enright

  • When the Body Speaks: An Encounter with Primus Per Brask

  • The Skeletons of Leaves Four Poems by Barbara Schott Barbara Schott
  • Two Poems by Andrew Andrew Wreggitt Andrew Wreggitt

  • Interrogative Bloodlines Robert Enright
  • Hart Problems Oleg Kerensky
  • Song of Himself Mark Duncan
  • Snagging Moonbeams with Catchers’ Mitts Scott Ellis
  • Shaking Loose on the Flatlands Birk Sproxton
  • Russian Rusticity Alison Gillmor
  • Recapturing the Dream Michael Crabb
  • Clear Suspicions Tim Lilburn
  • Searching Anonymity Wayne Baerwaldt

  • Dream Stages: The Dance Photographs of Sheila Spence Meeka Walsh

  • Once in a Small Bar in Odessa David Arnason
  • Lot’s Wife Maggie Dwyer