Issue 21 – Robert Archambeau

December 1986 – Volume 6, Number 1

Volume 6, Number 1: Robert Archambeau



  • “I Struck the Board and Cried, ‘Lots more, I’ve Willed A Way’” Robert Enright

  • An Invitation to Memory: The Designing Art of Mary Kerr Robert Enright

  • Growing Pains in Winnipeg Stephen Phelps
  • George Seremba: A Dramatic Prognosis Michael Kostelnuk
  • That Weird Building in Flin Flon Forrest Wilson
  • Still Moving Pictures: The Art of John Paskievich and Michael Mirus Ralph Friesen
  • Potting Utopia: Robert Archambeau’s Divine Pots Meeka Walsh
  • Children of the Stone Age Myron Love
  • Admission Impossible? Changing the Role of Regional Theatre Rick McNair

  • Winnipeg Sunday (1) and Winnipeg Sunday (2) Ian McAllister
  • Night Song Gillian Johnson
  • Owl Jim Tallosi
  • Bach Poem Kate Bitney
  • Cro-Magnon at Lascaux Per Brask

  • Marcel Gosselin: Delta Alison Gillmor
  • Another Prairies Terrence Heath
  • “On Stage with Maara Haas” by Maara Haas Abraham Arnold
  • Obsessionals: Winnipeg’s International Intermedia Performance Art Festival Lee Anne Block, Jean Sourrisseau
  • “Waiting for Saskatchewan” by Fred Wah S.G. Buri
  • Next Year Critical Country Robert Enright

  • Third World Art A Symposium on Performance Art

  • “Fictional Lives” The Photographic Portraits of Sheila Spence Robert Enright

  • While You Wait Laurie Lam