Volume 5, Number 4: Wanda Koop

September 1986

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Table of Contents


  • Multicultural Futures Robert Enright

  • A Walk on the Rastafarian Side: The Art of Franklyn George Alison Gillmor
  • Where East Meets West: A Profile of Aliana Au Glenn Merritt
  • Elfing and Trolling in Manitoba: The Sculpture of Anna Bara Arnadottir Kristjana Gunnars
  • A Dream of Home: The Landscapes of Dmytro Stryjek Peter Millard

  • Notes of a Song Composer: An Interview with Chester Duncan Blakeman Welch
  • Outcasting: A Conversation with Margaret Laurence about the World of Manawaka David Arnason, Dennis Cooley
  • Picturing Cross-References: The Transformative Art of Wanda Koop Robert Enright

  • Cracks in the Mosaic Susan Crean
  • Folk Housing: The Vernacular Architecture of the Ukrainian People in Manitoba Gwen Dowsett
  • Domination and Exclusion: Notes of a Resident Alien Myrna Kostash
  • Building a Democracy of Minorities James Carr
  • Multicultural Time-Travelling Stephen Phelps
  • Antagonize Rex: A Professional Profile of Playwright Alan Williams Reg Skene

  • It’s Raining Bwanika Seremba
  • an audience with the dali lama or, the old-fashioned pas de deux Patrick Friesen
  • The Cottage Poems: A Selection David Arnason

  • The Logic of the Absurd: Esther Warkov’s Drawings Arthur Adamson
  • Achimoona, Introduction by Maria Cambell Megan Paul
  • “People of the Interlake” by Andrew Blicq and Ken Gigliotti Meeka Walsh
  • “Another Country” by Henri Kreisel Abraham Arnold
  • Pieces, Of the Jigsaw, Puzzel: a three volume Multicultural Anthology for Young Readers Carolyn Hoople Creed
  • The Second Festival of Canadian Modern Dance Jacqui Good
  • “No Fixed Address” by Aritha van Herk Wayne Tefs
  • “My Harp Is Turned to Mourning” by Al Reimer Helmut-Harry Loewen
  • “The Remnants of a Man” and “The Fountain” by Lubomyr Melnyk
  • “Dustship Glory” by Andreas Schroeder Terrence Heath
  • “Not a Bad Year” by Gabriel and Jancarlo Markiw Joseph Christianson

  • Write Speaking Mennonites: A Boder Crossings Forum Robert Enright

  • Sweet and Sour: Chinese Restaurants in Rural Manitoba William Eakin

  • Up and Down in Jerusalem and Rome: Excerpts From a Journal Meeka Walsh

  • Angel with a Full House Sheldon Oberman