Issue 14 – Sheila Butler

April 1985 – Volume 4, Number 2

Volume 4, Number 2: Sheila Butler



  • Matter Becoming Spirit: Notes on Robert Shaw, Worship and the Arts Robert Enright

  • Storyforming: David Arnason’s Addictive Fictional World Robert Enright
  • First Person Singular: The Determined Short Fiction of Sandra Birdsell Robert Enright
  • The Years of Figuring Dangerously: An Interview with Sheila Butler Robert Enright

  • The Edges of Art: Notes on Personality and Creativity Joseph Christianson
  • Eva Stubbs: The Decorum of the Primordial Arthur Adamson
  • A Quiet in the Land: The Music Establishment and New Music William Pura, Blakeman Welch
  • Notes from Underground Lubomyr Melnyk
  • Flyspit For Gold: A Portrait of the Artist as a Failing Alchemist Stephen Phelps
  • Nellie McClung Theatre: A Political Act Keith Louise Fulton

  • Journey/Journée: A Poem for two voices Terrence Heath
  • What Saved Him & We Were Crazy A pair of visual poems Doug Melnyk

  • “The Mennonite Piano Concerto” by Victor Davies Chester Duncan
  • “Variations” by William Pura Chester Duncan
  • “Since Daisy Creek” by W.O. Mitchell Wayne Tefs
  • “Double Bond: An anthology of prairie women’s fiction” edited by Caroline Heath Diane McGifford
  • “Foreigners” by Barbara Sapergia Mark Duncan
  • “Images of the Land” by Patricia Ainslie Robert J. Lamb
  • “Quiet in the Land” by Anne Chislett Patrick Friesen

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Grad Anne Phillips