Small Animals Make First Paths/Sketching out of Doors

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  1. Small Animals Make First Paths rubber stamp by David Dunlap. Dunlap is an artist/teacher/walnut farmer living and working in Iowa.

  2. A rock from my 5 year old son’s collection

  3. Images of Reality card set by Bruno Munari, Danese, Milan, 1977

  4. Beaver Dam Trail, Rushing River Ontario, this summer.

  5. Wasp nest (vase proposal) found in Rushing River, Ontario

  6. Birch tree, Rushing River, Ontario

  7. Wooden Eggs from American Pigeon Journal, Warrenton, Missouri, 1979

  8. Spread from Psalm 8: From The Voices of Children by Gerard A. Pottebaum, illustrated by Robert Strobridge, 1965

  9. Driftwood sculpture diagram from Instant-Effect Decorating by Marjorie Katz, 1972

  10. Sketching out of Doors by Leonard Richmond, Grosset and Dunlop, 1954

  11. Excerpt from THE WISHING BONE CYCLE: Narrative Poems from the Swampy Cree Indians gathered and translated by Howard A. Norman, Stonehill, NY, 1976

  12. The Driftwood Book by Mary E. Thompson, D. Van Nostrand Co., 1960

  13. Rivers from Hebrew Through Pictures by I.A. Richards, David Weinstein, and Christine Gibson, Pocket Books Inc., 1954

  14. “Manipulating the loop” from Poul Jorgensen’s Book of Fly Tying: A Guide to Ties for all Game Fish, 1988

  15. Spread from A Moon or a Button: A Collection of First Picture Ideas by Ruth Krauss and Remy Charlip, 1959

  16. Make it Private from Fresh Carpet by Ivor Cutler, Arc Publications, 1986

  17. Making Simple Constructions by Hansi Bohm, Studio Vista, London, 1971

  18. Monoclinic shapes from Minerals of Manitoba - Volume I: Non-metallic and pegmatitic by K.A. Phillips PHD., Department of Mines, Resources and Environmental Management, Manitoba Mineral Resources Division, 1978

  19. The Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and Landscapes by Yuji Yoshimura and Giovanna M. Halford, Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1957

  20. Detail from The Quiet Noisy Book by Magaret Wise Brown,illustrated by Leonard Weisgard. Harper and Collins, 1950

  21. Out of the Sky: An Introduction to Meteoritics by H.H. Nininger, Dover, NY, 1952

  22. Sculpture in Wood by Ferelyth & Bill Wills, D,D,&C, Vancouver, 1975

  23. Detail from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Disney, Random House, NY, 1973

  24. Trade Marks and Symbols—Volume 2: Symbolical Designs by Yasaburo Kuwayama, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1973

  25. Title page detail from The Way of an Ant by Kazue Mizumura, Thomas Y. Crowell Co., NY, 1970

  26. Whittling Twigs and Branches by Chris Lubkermann, Fox Chapel Publishing, 2002

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