Lady Maximus: Allyson Mitchell

“I call myself a maximalist because I use maximum materials, maximum emotion, maximum politics and maximum space.” Toronto-based sculptor, performance artist and activist Allyson Mitchell is talking about her work with characteristic gusto. Her current exhibition, “Ladies Sasquatch” (curated by Carla Garnet, originated at the McMaster Museum of Art in Hamilton and will travel to three other Canadian cities) is the embodiment of this larger-than-life artistic practice. Inside the gallery space is a group of five creatures, the largest of which is 10 feet tall, and all of which are made from various combinations of cut-up bedspreads, upholstery fabric, quilting batting, Styrofoam, chicken wire and hot-glued fun fur. By “frankenstitching” them together, Mitchell and her collaborators have populated the art world with a fearsome and splendid cluster of characters …

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Volume 28, Number 3: Paint

This article originally appeared in Border Crossings #111, published August 2009.

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