A Question of Scale: Renegotiating Territories of Desire

Comparing my first considerations about art during the ’70s with those I hold today, I sometimes wonder how radically different my thoughts about the artistic process were. What helped me start to understand how artistic processes develop was the institution of the Bienal de São Paulo (Biennale). The sensibilities and perceptions of the artistic experience, made personally relevant by my simultaneous position as the producer (the artist) and the receiver (the gallery-goer, the art buyer, the reader, etc.), have been greatly influenced by the significant transformations and the new dynamics of exchange and communication in the transition from late 20th to early 21st centuries. And I am a century-transition boy…

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Volume 28, Number 1: Shirin Neshat

This article originally appeared in Border Crossings #109, published March 2009.

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