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Current Issue: Interview with Harmony Korine

dancing with one another

Current Issue: Essay by Daniel Baird

The Very Rich Monsters of Art

Current Issue: Interview with David Altmejd

Seductive Repulsions

Current Issue

Volume 34, Number 1: we are monsters

we are monsters. Harmony Korine, David Altmejd, Jim Holyoak, Geoffrey James, Daniel Baird, Guy Maddin Noam Gonick, Jonah Corne, Monika Vrečar, Jim Jarmusch, Sophie Jodoin, Jack Burman, Tammy Salzl, Melanie Authier, Lisa Wood, Douglas Coupland, Ralph Gibson, Gwen MacGregor, William Eakin, Gina Rorai, Robert Fones, MAWA, Rob Kovitz, Clare Twomey, Glenn Ligon, & more…


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