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Full Interview Available Now!


Full interview available now!



  • Life is Puzzling

    Édouard Levé wrote Autoportrait in 2005. It was followed by his book Suicide in 2007, and then by death at his own hand so shortly after. The English edition appeared in 2012, seamlessly translated by Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, if you can say about a book of apparent fragments that it is seamless… Keep Reading

  • The Landscape Going on Without Us

    For Jennifer Carvalho the Anthropocene is not an endgame. “It’s an in-between time,” she says. “I’m not trying to emphasize an end but a line of thought that leads away from ourselves. What does it mean if the world has a will of its own and what is our relationship to that? What would the world look like without us?” Keep Reading

  • Resolving this too, too sullied melting snow

    Erica Mendritzki has spent so much time looking at snow that she has become an aficionado of its properties. Her low-key, close-valued colour sense combines the snowy and the muddy in equal measure in what the Winnipeg-based painter calls her “late winter in Winnipeg palette.” Keep Reading

  • Fine Lines

    Wanda Koop, one of Canada’s most distinguished painters, has always been able to find ideas in the work she has already done that suggest ideas she might develop in what she is about to do. That connection is particularly apparent in the “Sky-Line Paintings,” a new series that developed out of a four month-long stay in New York City from January through May of 2015. Keep Reading

  • The Man Who Falls to Earth

    David Alexander, an Okanogan-based artist, admits to a sense of landscape wanderlust; he has painted in Iceland, the Arctic, Scotland, Taos, New Mexico, in Saskatchewan where he lived for 23 years, and in British Columbia where he was born. He recognizes that his pursuit places him out of step in the current art world. Keep Reading

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Fall 2015 Issue: Interviews with Chantal Joffe, Chris Cran and Steve Martin on Lawren Harris plus a special feature on the state of painting today.