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Artist Talk: DAVID SALLE

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Gershon Iskowitz Prize: REBECCA BELMORE

2007 Interview

Leonard Cohen


  • The Uncertain Certainty: States of the Art of Painting

    David Salle: Bushes With Form

    David Salle is a New York-based painter whose recent exhibitions include “Debris,” paintings and ceramics from the last five years at Dallas Contemporary until August 23, 2015, “New Paintings” at Skarstedt Chelsea in April through June, and “Making Art Dance: Backdrops and Costumes from the Armitage Foundation,” curated by Jeffrey Deitch at MANA Contemporary in Jersey City from January to March 2015. On now until November 26, 2016 at Skarstedt London is “Cindy Sherman and David Salle: History Portraits and Tapestry Paintings.” Keep Reading

  • The Poetics of History: An Interview with Rebecca Belmore

    One of the central concerns of Fountain, Rebecca Belmore’s performance-based video installation at the Canadian pavilion for the 2005 Venice Biennale, is water. Her recognition of its importance in our practical, political and imaginative lives is complex. “The power of water is something that we understand,” she says in the following interview, conducted the day before the vernissage opening at the Biennale. Keep Reading

  • Leonard Cohen

    The Book of Longing, a collection of poetry and prose Leonard Cohen published in 2006, is about wisdom. Composed by a man who has lived much in the world, and who has come to understand what all that living has been about, it also knows enough to take its wisdom with a grain of salt. While his ability to write remains undiminished, what he writes about has undergone some adjustments. Keep Reading

  • Art Fair Carnivalesque

    An Interview with Eric Fischl

    The following conversation between Eric Fischl and Robert Enright was conducted by phone to the artist’s studio in Sag Harbor on August 3, 2016 as research for the Borderview “Painting Paintings” that appeared in the current Painting Issue of the magazine. Border Crossings would like to thank the artist and Skarstedt Gallery in New York for the images accompanying this conversation. Keep Reading

  • Intuitive Discipline

    An Interview with Joanne Tod

    “I have painted myself in those reflections, so I am taking account of the actuality of the real moment. It is always a layering. I mean, how do you ever get to the real centre of anything? […]” Keep Reading

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August 2016

Interviews with Jonathan Lasker, Neil Jenney, Joanne Tod and David Elliott, with articles on John Kissick, Natalka Husar, Ambera Wellmann, Michael Merrill and Joan Jonas.