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The Voice of Moving Meditation : An interview with Meredith Monk

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The Intimate Idealogue : An Interview with John Berger

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  • Studio Worker

    The Life and Timing of William Basinski

    William Basinski, the Los Angeles-based experimental electronic composer will be one of the Guest Composers at the 2017 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival in January. He will perform The Deluge and will participate in the 12 Hour Drone Festival.  William Basinski spoke to Border Crossings in November, 2016 for the Borderview section of the magazine. What follows is an extended version of that conversation. Keep Reading

  • The Voice of Moving Meditation

    An Interview with Meredith Monk

    Meredith Monk defies description. The body of work she has made in a legendary 50-year-long career is unequalled in its range and inventiveness. She is a composer, singer, choreographer, filmmaker, installation artist and creator of opera and music-theatre works. Keep Reading

  • Breath Taker

    The Filmic World of Aïda Ruilova

    From the time her father took her to see the John Carpenter movie The Thing, 1982, when she was nine years old, her imagination has been captivated by films that are most entertaining when they are most anxiety-provoking… Keep Reading

  • The Natural Entropy of Things

    An Interview with Stephen Waddell

    Stephen Waddell’s book Hunt and Gather, published in 2011 by Steidl in Germany, is descriptive, by title, of his process and intention. It isn’t anthropological in referring to stages in the development of homo sapiens, making our way; it describes instead Waddell’s preference, pursuit and methodology… Keep Reading

  • Nostalgia for the Present, Max Blecher

    “Staring at a fixed point on the wall, I occasionally have the feeling that I no longer know who or where I am. At such times, I experience the loss of my identity from a distance: I feel for a moment that I have become a complete stranger, this abstract personage and my real self vying for authenticity with equal strength.” —Max Blecher Keep Reading

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December 2016

Interviews with Meredith Monk, Stephen Waddell, and Aïda Ruilova, with articles on Allora & Calzadilla, Oliver Husain’s Isla Santa Maria 3D and more…