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RBC Painting Prize Winner: Brian Hunter


CCCA Symposium November 3-5

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  • Art Fair Carnivalesque

    An Interview with Eric Fischl

    The following conversation between Eric Fischl and Robert Enright was conducted by phone to the artist’s studio in Sag Harbor on August 3, 2016 as research for the Borderview “Painting Paintings” that appeared in the current Painting Issue of the magazine. Border Crossings would like to thank the artist and Skarstedt Gallery in New York for the images accompanying this conversation. Keep Reading

  • Intuitive Discipline

    An Interview with Joanne Tod

    “I have painted myself in those reflections, so I am taking account of the actuality of the real moment. It is always a layering. I mean, how do you ever get to the real centre of anything? […]” Keep Reading

  • Certain Things in a Certain Way

    An Interview with Jonathan Lasker

    I can think of few contemporary artists who have been as successful in developing and employing a repertoire of shapes, forms and motifs as the American painter, Jonathan Lasker. Throughout a rigorous and intense practice now in its fourth decade, he has refined a pictorial language and visual syntax that is uniquely his own. Keep Reading

  • A Man For All Seasons

    The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger

    John Berger is protean, although the seas in which he has been involved are the watchable and readable and not the watery kind. He has been, at various times throughout a richly productive 60-year-long career, a filmmaker, screenwriter, art critic, essayist, novelist, playwright, poet, actor and drawer. The Seasons in Quincy is a 90-minute-long documentary that sets out to reveal the essence of his complicated being through four simple portraits, each one corresponding to a season. Keep Reading

  • The Beauty of Being Boxed In

    The work of Winnipeg artist Brian Hunter traces a process of ongoing and inventive transformation with the object he is painting, transforming into different subjects. A letterpress box that was used as a display case for trinkets his wife’s grandmother had collected has been changed into a body of paintings that touches on everything from architecture to an engagement with the history of modernist painting. Keep Reading

Current Issue

August 2016

Interviews with Jonathan Lasker, Neil Jenney, Joanne Tod and David Elliott, with articles on John Kissick, Natalka Husar, Ambera Wellmann, Michael Merrill and Joan Jonas.


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