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The Thread of Painting: An Interview with Ghada Amer


Papier 18 | Editor’s Picks Day 3

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The Fitter : An Interview with Nancy Rubins


  • Fleur Jaeggy’s Gift of Detachment

    For this period, detachment is the state of things. Easier, safer, recommended. No noisy, unmanageable, untidy passions. No individual cluttered urgencies with ends and tags askew. Each her own island country, complete and selfsufficient, an isolationist policy in place for all.

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  • Tough Love

    An Interview with Kelly Mark

    Kelly Mark works hard as the self-employed worker Kelly Mark. For over two decades the Toronto-based artist has been making videos, drawings, sculptures, text pieces and performances that have earned her a reputation as one of Canada’s most important conceptual artists.

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  • The Fitter

    An Interview with Nancy Rubins

    In July of 2014 the American artist Nancy Rubins opened an exhibition of sculptures at Gagosian in New York with the name “Our Friend Fluid Metal.”

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  • Notes on a Celluloid Gold Mine

    Dawson City: Frozen Time, directed by Bill Morrison

    The history of culture is a negotiation between what we already know and what we still have to find out. Every once in a while a discovery is made that adds something new to that elusive process.

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  • Cooking Knowledge

    Jorge Luis Borges’s short story “The Library of Babel,” Aby Warburg’s Atlas Mnemosyne project, British cookery writer Elizabeth David’s A Book of Mediterranean Food and the series of 28 instructional cookbooks published by Time-Life in the early ’80s called “The Good Cook” have two things in common.

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March 2018

In this issue of BORDER CROSSINGS women feature large, taking over the lion’s share of the magazine.