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More Real Than Reality: An Interview with Shary Boyle

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Meeka Walsh on Claude Cahun


  • Notes on Fuseology

    Carolee Schneemann Remembers James Tenney

    The painter, performance artist and filmmaker Carolee Schneemann met composer James Tenney in New York in 1955 and they maintained contact with one another until his death in 2006. Their relationship was especially intense in the mid-’60s, during which time they collaborated in a number of ways. Keep Reading

  • Untruth to Materials or Tammi Campbell’s Art After Modernism

    Tammi Campbell is known for works that look like Modernist hard-edge paintings in progress, with particular focus on the Modernists’ use of tape. Included in this series are meticulous, halffinished greyscales where masked sections are readied for a new application of paint. Other pieces are explicitly based on Frank Stella’s signature stripe paintings but made with what appears to be masking tape alone. The works exist in a state of anticipation, awaiting the application of pigment and the eventual peeling off of all the tape. Keep Reading

  • I Like the World and the World Likes Me

    An Interview with Dana Schutz

    Schutz’s paintings are real things, built subjects sometimes surprising her with their own volition and once done—there and actual. Keep Reading

  • Life is Puzzling

    Édouard Levé wrote Autoportrait in 2005. It was followed by his book Suicide in 2007, and then by death at his own hand so shortly after. The English edition appeared in 2012, seamlessly translated by Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, if you can say about a book of apparent fragments that it is seamless… Keep Reading

  • The Landscape Going on Without Us

    For Jennifer Carvalho the Anthropocene is not an endgame. “It’s an in-between time,” she says. “I’m not trying to emphasize an end but a line of thought that leads away from ourselves. What does it mean if the world has a will of its own and what is our relationship to that? What would the world look like without us?” Keep Reading

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Fall 2015 Issue: Interviews with Chantal Joffe, Chris Cran and Steve Martin on Lawren Harris plus a special feature on the state of painting today.