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The Weight of History: Richard Serra’s Sculpture & Drawings

Sat March 17,  2018

Dreams & Nightmares — Biennial Gala

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Sounding Poetry: The Kinetic Sculpture of Jean-Pierre Gauthier


  • Lovely Leonora

    Unmaking Strange

    With a head full of the Irish folk stories on which she was raised and her own adept young mind inclined to the metaphysical, to which was added the enchantment of a world filled with all the possibilities Keep Reading

  • Air and Running Water

    In a book-form “conversation” between novelist Adam Thirwell and multimedia artist Philippe Parreno at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto in 2017, the novelist says to the artist, “I don’t want to talk about objects. I want to talk about spirits.”

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  • Taking a Gander

    Two Faces of Picasso

    Ryan Gander is a British artist, filmmaker, designer and consultant to landscape firms and property developers. He has written 38 books, the most recent being “Picasso and I”, an artist book that is a collaboration with the Remai Modern Art Gallery in Saskatoon

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  • Now and Then

    If Michael Snow were an animal, he’d be a cat. He has had at least nine lives: filmmaker, sculptor, painter, record producer, faux ethnomusicologist, and two kinds of jazz musician.

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  • Painting by Numbers

    “Loving Vincent,” directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman

    “Loving Vincent” is set a year after the death of Vincent van Gogh in 1890 and uses as cast members and locations the people and places the artist painted during his lifetime.

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Current Issue

December 2017

In this issue Border Crossings looks in large part at contemporary sculpture in the work of two artists, American icon Richard Serra and Montreal-based Jean-Pierre Gauthier.