Sarah Anne Johnson Varied Edition Print


Sarah Anne Johnson, Three Gold Rectangles, 2019, inkjet print with applied rose gold leaf, 17.5 x 24, edition of 25.

Price | $2500.00 CAD

Border Crossings has commissioned a Varied Edition Print from Winnipeg-based artist, Sarah Anne Johnson. She has produced 25 unique prints of a searing image which, for its beauty and urgency, will impress itself on your eye.

From the outset of her career Sarah Anne Johnson has located herself firmly in the environment and identified it as her critical topic. In her work, she proceeds on this course.

This work continues in an extended line from Sarah Anne Johnson’s early work, “Artic Wonderland,” 2010, where the beauty of a pristine and remote northern landscape evidenced signs, even as far from human habitation as it was, of our careless incursions. In that body of work the rectangles imposed on the landscape were black and heavy as lead and foretold the imminent and destructive course on which we were moving. Here, almost a decade later Sarah Anne Johnson has moved from ice to fire. The situation is increasingly dire, the planet still beloved by the artist, and by us-our only home-and the heat from this new image both warms us and warns us. As she has always been, Sarah Anne Johnson is Nature’s herald in art.

Three Gold Rectangles is available exclusively through Border Crossings.

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