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Date: June 2018
Issue: Volume 37, Number 2 (#146)
Page: 14-15
Subject: MAWA
Title: The Multitudinous See
An Interview with Geoffrey Farmer
Author: Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh
Date: March 2017
Issue: Volume 36, Number 1 (#141)
Page: 26-42
Subject: Geoffrey Farmer
Date: August 2005
Issue: Volume 24, Number 3: Painted Bodies (#95)
Page: 62-69
Subject: Rebecca Belmore
Title: Indigenous Criticism
On Not Walking With Our Sisters
Author: David Garneau
Date: May 2015
Issue: Volume 34, Number 2 (#134)
Page: 78-82
Section: Articles   Tags: missing and murdered, women
Title: Deep Surface
Rebecca Belmore
Date: March 2014
Issue: Volume 33, Number 1: Influence (#129)
Page: 20-21
Section: Borderviews   Tags: rebecca belmore
Subject: Rebecca Belmore
Title: Traditional Futures: Close Encounters, The Next Five Hundred Years
Author: David Garneau
Date: May 2011
Issue: Volume 30, Number 2: Brian Jungen (#118)
Page: 72-78
Section: Articles
Subject: “Close Encounters” was organized by Plug In ICA and curated by Lee-Ann Martin, Steve Loft, Candice Hopkins and Jenny Western
Title: “Diabolique”
Author: Greg Beatty
Date: March 2010
Issue: Volume 29, Number 1: Performance (#113)
Page: 88-90
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Diabolique: Part I” and “Diabolique: Part II” at Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina
Title: “Projections: A major survey of projection-based works in Canada, 1964-2007”
Author: David Garneau
Date: August 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 3: Paint (#111)
Page: 142-144
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Projections: A major survey of projection-based works in Canada, 1964-2007,” at Justina M Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, U of T
Date: March 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 1: Shirin Neshat (#109)
Page: 96-99
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Caught in the Act: The Viewer as Performer,” curated by Josée Drouin-Brisebois at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa
Date: December 2008
Issue: Volume 27, Number 4: Photography (#108)
Page: 110-113
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “Rebecca Belmore: Rising to the Occasion” at the Vancouver Art Gallery
Title: 51st Venice Biennale
Author: Randall Anderson
Date: August 2005
Issue: Volume 24, Number 3: Painted Bodies (#95)
Page: 92-93
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla; Tino Sehgal; Francis Bacon, Philip Guston & Marlene Dumas; Rebecca Belmore; Honoré d’O
Title: Racing Against History: The Art of Rebecca Belmore
Author: Robin Laurence
Date: August 2002
Issue: Volume 21, Number 3: Figures and Faces (#83)
Page: 42-48
Section: Articles
Subject: Rebecca Belmore
Title: Spirit Landing
Author: Joseph Christianson
Date: December 1, 1992
Issue: Volume 11, Number 4: First Nations Art & Culture (#44)
Page: 71-0
Section: Crossovers, Reviews
Subject: “The Land Spirit Power” at the National Gallery in Ottawa