Issue No.134 Launch Party

Posted in Bordernews, Launches by Border Crossings on June 8 2015

What a wonderful party! Thursday June 4 Border Crossings hosted the launch of Issue 134 at Normandy Shop on Corydon. If you haven’t yet had the chance, be sure to return to their beautiful space to check out their apparel, furniture and other objects.

Another big thank you goes out to our other sponsors: Josh Weinstein of Myers Weinberg LLP, Poplar Grove Winery, Tint Marketing and Quantum Graphics for pulling together such a successful gathering! If you were as pleased as we were with the wine, feel free to connect with us to become a part of the Poplar Grove Wine Club.

If you missed the party and would like a copy of the new issue, we have local retailers who carry the publication and an online store as well.

In the meantime, enjoy some captures from the event!


  • Normandy Shop, 791 Corydon Avenue

  • Du fromage

  • Poplar Grove Winery setup, providers of delicious bevies

  • Meeka and Robert on bread and bar

  • And so it begins…

  • Carleigh, our fabulous volunteer, with Ben and Brian of Border Crossings

  • Meeka Walsh with Ryan Simmons and Ted Barker

  • Guy Maddin, Stephen Faust, Jacqueline Young and Keith

  • Tasting the delicious Poplar Grove vino

  • Border Crossings contributor Dagmara Genda with friends, en dehors

  • Kelsey, Michelle, Joel, Janelle, Chris

  • Kat, Jill, Rachelle, Alex

  • Handsome double A

  • Board Member Nils Vik sharing good vibes

  • 1/2 of Tony Neu and Joel Friesen; the former on set

  • Representing Erica Eyres: Erica Eyres’ lovely family and friends

  • Dana Schutz on screen

  • Board Member Josh Weinstein and colleague of Myers Weinberg LLP.

  • Big thanks to these two beauties, Jacqui and Amanda, for helping us throw a great fête

  • Poplar Grove serving its wares

  • Vik and Koop in cahoots

  • Departing guests ‘n’ goodie bags

  • Stephen Faust and Chloe Chafe

  • BC with Amanda of Normandy and djs Tony Neu and Joel Friesen

  • Fin

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